Friday, February 10, 2012

Research on Walruses

   We started our walrus research by discussing our schema about walruses. I wrote down every "fact" that was shared and put under our schema. As we were reading, we would review our schema and move any incorrect information to the misconceptions section of our chart. We added information learned to the new learning section daily. We created a diagram of a walrus and discussed what the purpose of their parts are. We also created a walrus tree map with facts we learned.

Throughout the week, we worked on the tree map and facts part of our books. Then on Friday we finished the rest of the book and put it together. The fact we learned that almost every student wrote about was walruses look pink when their hot because their blood vessels expand until they are close to their skin surfaces. The students thought that was so cool! Here's a look at our All About Walruses books.

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