Tuesday, March 29, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

We used pot of gold ten frams and gold coins to pratice making numbers 11-20. We also used them to make two more, one less than a given number.

We sorted, graphed, and added skittles!

We made shamrocks!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Dr. Seuss Fun

Dr. Seuss week has been the students' favorite by far! We had so much fun reading his stories and integrating them into our lessons last week!

On Monday, we had Cat in the Hat day. We wore black and white and read the story. We wrote about what we do if the Cat came back. We read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and created fish additon stories using color goldfish crackers. We learned about Dr. Seuss' life.

On Tuesday, we wore silly socks for Fox in Socks. We graphed whether or not we wore silly socks to school and anaylzed our data. We also created pairs of rhyming socks. We reviewed systems and created machines to clean our rooms. We also read My Many Colored Days, chose a color, and wrote how we feel on that color days.

On Wednesday, we wore mismatched clothes for Wacky Wednesday! We also had a special visit from the Cat in the Hat who read to us The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. We compared that story with the stories we wrote on Monday. Then created a story map for  Wacky Wednesday. We read Bartholomew and the Oobleck and made oobleck with Mrs. Guntorius' class. We read Happy Birthday to You and created a cirlce map of birthday celebrations. We also had blue goo and pink ink for Dr. Seuss' birthday.

On Thursday, we wore slippers for The Foot Book. We took off one slipper/shoe, put in the middle, then sorted and made a list of the ways we sorted. Then we compared and contrasted using a double bubble map the oobleck we made with Dr. Seuss' oobleck. We read Oh The Places You'll Go and wrote about a place we would like to go. We read Dr. Seuss' ABC and created our own ABC book.

President's Day

We had lots of Presidential fun integrating President's Day into our lessons! Here's a few activities we did:

In Math, we told subtraction stories using pennies about buying items at a bake sale.

In Social Studies, we learned about George Washington, made a three corner hat, and wrote facts on our hats.

We also learned about Abraham Lincoln and wrote facts about him as well on his beard, used a black and white picture of ourselves as his face and made a top hat.

We read My Teacher for President and created a double bubble map comparing and contrasting the President's job with a teacher's job.


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