Monday, February 27, 2012

Addition Fun

    We read Snow Day and as we read, we added a student in a line for each snow day activity the family participated in. Then we modeled addition stories together using a large cut out of hot cocoa and marshmallows. We got our numbers by drawing two cards. As the students counted out the marshmallows and then added together, I wrote the addition sentence on a small whiteboard. Then we read our addition sentence and counted again to check our work. Then I passed out manila paper and we did a quick directed drawing lesson of a mug of hot cocoa. Then students returned to their seats, colored their mugs, and worked out/recorded the addition story their two cards told. Of course, we enjoyed some yummy marshmallows when we were done.

    We read Peanut Butter, Apple Butter, Cinnamon Toast. It's a book of food riddles about children's favorite foods. We talked about our favorite food to eat for breakfast with our partner. Then we told addition stories using Froot Loops, which is a favorite breakfast cereal at my house. Once again, we drew two cards, students used Froot Loops to act out the addition stories as I wrote the addition stories. We read our addition sentence and then counted to check our work. We had another directed art mini lesson on drawing a cereal bowl. Students returned to their seats, colored their bowls, and then acted out/recorded the addition story for their cards. Then they read their addition sentence to their partner and counted to check their partner's work.

    I taped off a blank domino on our carpet. Then we read Adding Animals and worked out the addition stories by putting the students on the domino board. When we were finished, we drew a domino out of a bag, put the students on the board, and solved our addition story. I modeled drawing the domino on the recording sheet and filling in the addition sentence. Then students went to their seats and practiced recording and solving addition stories.

    In the background of this picture, you can see the blank domino board I taped off on the carpet.


  1. Great addition work! I like how you did it large and whole group and then they did it as a small version. Perfect for kinders! The fruit loops were really cute!
    I'd love a copy of the words if you wouldn't mind sharing.

  2. Ooops...just saw your comment. I'll send you the file when I get back to school on Monday.



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