Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all my students and parents a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I have pictures of our Polar Express day and Winter party. However, I left my camera at school, so I'll update after we return to school on January 4th. Good thing, I bought my mom a camera for Christmas or I would be taking pictures with my phone. When we return on January 4th, we will be learning about New Year's traditions. If you get a chance, talk to your child about something new they want to learn in 2010.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Story Time with Mr. B!

Every other week, we go to the library for storytime with Mr. B. Mr. B spends 20 minutes just reading us different stories for fun. The students look forward to this time. Mr. B always reads the stories using different voices for the characters. We love Mr. B!

Force and Movement

We are learning about force and movement. We went to the science lab and learned that most objects need a push or pull (force) to move. We worked in small groups to create something that would move down a ramp. Then we tested to see which group's would go the furtherest. We learned that the groups who truly worked to together made objects that moved farther.

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Graphing Fun

We have been constructing and interpreting graphs in math. We took one bite out of a gingerbread man cookie and graphed which part we bit off. We sorted and graphed candy canes by color. We also tasted eggnog, hot chocolate, and apple cider and graphed our favorite winter celebration drink! We also sorted and graphed hard Christmas candy by shapes. Then we analyzed our data and drew conclusions. We used comparative language (more than/less than/same as) to describe our data.

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Christmas Presents

For our December family project, the students were given a present cut out to illustrate on the inside a present they want to give someone and then decorate the outside of the package.

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Animal Needs

We have learned about animals needs and how they are very similar to the things people need to survive. We also learned about how the Earth provides for their needs. We played a survival game, where we pretended to be animals. We had to find food, water, and get in a chair (shelter) to stay in the game. After each round, we took away some of the food/water/shelter to show what happens to animals when people come in and change animals' habitats.

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