Monday, February 6, 2012

Celebrating Similarities and Differences

    We read The Crayon Box That Talked and then discussed how differences make each of special and allow us to do bigger and better things together. Then we illustrated ourselves on a crayon and colored our crayon.

    We read Elmer and discussed how sometimes when we feel different, we try hard to be like everyone else, but it's really better just to be your self. We colored our own Elmers and shared how we are different.

    We read Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. We talked about how our skin may be different colors, but we all have feelings, likes, and dislikes. Then we examined a brown and white egg. We looked at the outside and compared/contrasted the two. Then we cracked our eggs and compared/contrasted the inside. We recorded our observations on a Venn Diagram. We made the connection between the eggs and people; the only difference is on the outside. Then students shared a way they the same with their partner and wrote a rebus sentence about what they both like.

    We read The Peace Book by Todd Par. Then we wrote a five senses poem about peace through interactive writing.

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