Sunday, February 5, 2012

Numbers 15-20: Recognizing Groups of 5

    The students drew a number between 15 and 20 from a bag. Then they made the number on their ten frame. Then they made towers of 5 and shared with their partner how many towers of five and how many left over they had to equal the number they drew.

    They also drew numbers 15-20 from a bag and then made the number using towers of five with their partner.

    The students played number concentration, matching a number card with the matching dots. They also talked about the groups of fives they saw on the dot patterns.

   The students drew numbers 15-20 from a bag and worked with their partner to represent the number using their fingers. They worked at their tables; then came to the carpet. I told each pair a number and they had to show us the number with their fingers.

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