Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Week of School

I'm super excited about this class and proud of how smoothly the first week of school went! Thank you parents for waiting patiently at dismissal so I could dismiss the students one at a time.

We have started learning our procedures and routines in our classroom. We learned about PAW Pride and how we are to act in the cafeteria, hallways, restrooms, and at recess. We explored with the some of the different math manipulatives we will be using this year.

In science, we learned about our five senses and how they help us learn about the world around us. We used our sense of touch to feel objects in socks and guess what they were. We smelled different scents in baggies and guessed what they were. We tasted pickles, pretzel sticks, and chocolate chips. We learned about where we taste salty, sweet, sour, and bitter on our tongues. We also learned a song about our five senses.

We read The Kissing Hand and made a kissing hand for our parents on the first day. We read Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and took pictures for our class book  Mrs. Shaw Gets Ready for Kindergarten.

We sang The Wheels on the Bus and then made our own buses and wrote how our buses would go through the town.

We ate Hershey's chocolate bars and then cut out the word he or she from the wrapper and used it graph the number of boys and girls in our class. We also used our graph to figure out how many total students we have in our class.

We created ourselves using a glyph code. We colored our pieces according to what we liked best from the questions we were given. Then we talked to a partner about how our glyphs were the same and different. We learned a lot about each other!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Family

I am so excited to get to know your child and your family this year. I thought I would start by sharing a little bit about mine. I am married to Joshua and we have two sons together, Logan Elijah and Lucas Elisha. Logan is 4 and Lucas is 1. I have a stepson Justin who is 9. Justin lives in Arlington with his Mom and will be in 4th grade this year. Logan starts preschool this year so I can definitely sympathize with your feelings about your baby going to school. Joshua is a store manager for Walgreens and we met at our church Inglewood Baptist in Grand Prairie where we still attend. We both help with Extended Teaching Care once every five weeks on Sunday mornings and I lead a small group of 7th and 8th grade girls on Wednesday nights. My favorite leisure activities are spending time with my family, serving at church, reading, and shopping. Below I made a digital photo book so you can see pictures of my family. I'm am so excited about the new school year and having your child in my class.

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