Friday, June 4, 2010

Kindergarten Memories 2009-2010

Dear Parents and Students,
Thank you for all of your help and support this year. It is because of our work together that these kindergarteners will be first graders this coming August. Don't forget to read every day and practice word wall words so they'll be ready for first grade. Have a fantastic summer and enjoy some of my favorite memories from this year!

Love, Mrs. Shaw

PS Don't forget to come visit me in the fall!

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We spent our last day doing camping actvities. We read A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee. We stopped at the point of the story when the camper stops rolling and rests next to the car. The students wrote and illustrated what they thought when happen next. Then we shared and finished the end of the story. We made and ate yummy s'mores. We put our hands inside a backpack and used our sense of touch to guess what camping items were in the backpack.                   

Kindergarten Class of 2010

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ice Cream

We had a lot of fun learning about ice cream! We watched a story on Discovery Streaming called What's Under my Bed?. It's about two children who spend the night with their Grandpa and get scared. He tells them about a time he got scared when staying with his Grandparents and how eating strawberry ice cream helped him feel better. Then the students wrote about when eating ice cream makes them feel better. We also watched two short videos on the History channel about the history of ice cream and making ice cream. Then we made our own ice cream in a bag! The students loved it! We graphed our favorite flavor ice cream chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. We also saw our reading buddies for the last time today.

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Picnic Fun

 We read Sylvester and the Magic Pebble by William Steig. In the story Sylvester's parents have a picnic on Strawberry Hill, so the students wrote about where they would like to have a picnic. They also wrote and illustrated their favorite picnic food on a paper plate. In the computer lab, they illustrated a picnic scene in Pixie 2. Then we sorted picnic foods/containers by solid shapes (boxes, cans, spheres). We also made a picnic snack mix that we ate while we watched Sylvester on the Magic Pebble on Discovery Streaming.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


     Today we did learning activities with a watermelon. We measured the length, circumference, and weight of our watermelon. We estimated how many seeds were in our watermelon. Then we cut it into pieces and picked out the seeds using a toothpick.We put our seeds into groups of 10. We had 420 seeds in our watermelon. We ate the watermelon and also tried watermelon pudding and gum. We made a watermelon glyph to discover data about our class. We learned that everyone's favorite fruit is watermelon and everyone liked the watermelon gum better than the pudding.

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