Monday, February 13, 2012

Polar Bear Research and Nonfiction Book

    We began by sharing our schema (what we thought we knew) about polar bears with our partner and then adding it to our schema chart. We rolled a question die and then listened for the answers while reading. We finished by drawing the topic (polar bears) on one side of a sticky note and then drawing/writing one fact on the other side of the sticky note.

    We reviewed nonfiction text features like diagrams and table of contents.

     We completed a tree map by listening for things polar bears are, can do, and have. We filled in one branch of our tree map each day. I wrote on our class tree map as students wrote on their own. We stretched out the words and I filled in the word chunks.

    We illustrated and wrote two facts about polar bears for our book. Each day we wrote to inform about polar bears during our writing time.

  Here's a picture of our class diagram, schema chart, and tree map.

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