Monday, April 11, 2011

Money, Money, Money!!!

We created an anchor chart of the coins we most use.

We also practiced coin/value identification by toss a bean bag onto a coin and naming it and its value.

We practiced counting and making specific amounts with coins. We also played lots of small group and partner games to practice coin/value identification, we added our favorites to a money math tub. During ?Think Math? we also brainstormed what coins we could use to make different amounts of money.


We researched the physical characteristics of ponds: landforms/bodies of water, weather, plant, and animal life. We worked on creating a mural of a pond all week. Then in the computer lab, we wrote about what we learned.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Health and Safety

We made a food pyramid after researching the food pyramid at

Then we created a healthy meal menu.

We read Aruthur's Chickenpox and then created chicken pox addition stories.

We created sets of two food items and then practiced describing our sets using comparative language. Then we recorded and made a class book.

We read A Bad Case of Stripes and then wrote our own prescriptions for silly and serious illnesses. We also discussed medicine safety rules.

Friday, April 1, 2011


We learned about Texas symbols. We colored and wrote about our state bird the mocking bird.

We created a bluebonnet, labeld the parts and wrote about the function of the parts.

We learned about cowboys' clothing and how it meets their needs. Then we colored and labeled his clothing.

We learned about the state motto Friendship and wrote about being a good friend!

We learned drew a pecan tree and how it's needs are met. then we labeled.

We created positional patterns using "Texas" shapes!

We read The Little Red Hen  and Armadilly Chili. Then we compare/contrasted the two stories. We also made chili and graphed if we liked it.

Mrs. Shaw's Most Wanted:

We collected data about our class by making Cowpoke glyphs and then analyzing the data.


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