Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pirates Go To School Literacy Unit

     We have been out of school for two weeks, and I'm already working on projects for next school year. After teaching science or math/science for three years, I'll now be teaching ELA and social studies. I've been working on my first week plans, and put together a unit to go with the book Pirates Go To School by Corinne Demas.

     There are reading lessons, anchor chart labels, and student response sheets for character traits, characters and settings, and character feelings. There are suggested stop to model points for character traits and feelings.

     There are word work lessons for syllable sorting and abc order. These activities can be done whole group, and then moved into a workstation.

     Finally there are writing plans for the prompt, If pirates were in my class. There are graphic organizers for prewriting and drafting, and example pages for the modeling I do. There are two different writing pages included as well.

     You can purchase my unit here in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. It will be on sale through tomorrow night.

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