Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mental Images with Ronald McDonald

  Yesterday we went to the library after lunch to get new books, and it also happened to be story time. Ronald McDonald was there. Honestly, it was Ronald McDonald. I was expecting some magic tricks and come eat at McDonald's kids. But I was pleasantly surprised with the program. He came to share four things with kids. 

1. Visit the library often. 
2. Read with excitement and picture what you read. (I LOVED this part of the program!!!!)
3. Read every day. 
4. Take care of books. 

      During the read with excitement and picture what you read part, Ronald modeled what boring and exciting reading sounded like so the kids could tell the difference. 

      Then he read a story about a rainstorm and had half the kids be the wind, half be the rain and thunder, and the adults be the lightning. He pointed to each group as their part came up in the story. I thought it was a great concrete way to introduce visualizing what you read. 

     My boys loved the program as much I did. They loved the read with excitement and picture what you read part too! Ronald was available for pictures afterward, but the boys didn't really want to get close to him. When I asked if they wanted a picture with Ronald, Lucas gave this look and said, "Seriously?!". 

      Gotta love that boy! 

     Who knew Ronald McDonald would inspire a new way to introduce mental images?

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