Sunday, June 28, 2015

School is Cool! Literacy Stations

     I am so excited about these literacy workstations. I have been working on them for about a month now. There are a total of seven stations:

  • Complete or Incomplete Sentences?
  • Back to School Blends-th, cr, gl
  • Ouch! Sight Word Game-review of first grade word list, includes two ways to play
  • Nouns at School
  • Easy as A-B-C-abc order
  • School Routines-sequencing three events
  • Packin' My Bag-spelling

     The sentences station has a color and a black and white version. All of the other stations have a full color, a partial color, and a black and white version. An answer key is included for each station so students can check their work when completed. There is also a recording sheet for each station. I'm going to print two or three copies of each recording sheet, laminate, and put in the station with a dry erase marker or crayon. I'll have students show me or their partner their work before they erase it. 
If you use the black and white version, I suggest printing them off on bright colored paper. 

     Now I just need my Mister to buy some printer ink, so I can get busy prepping these. School is Cool! Literacy Stations is on sale until July 1st. 

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