Thursday, June 25, 2015

TpT Seller Challenger: Dare to Dream

     I really had a hard time deciding what my dreams are in regards to my TpT store. When I originally started my store a couple of years ago, it was to help out other teachers and try to make a little money back on the time I spent prepping materials for my classroom.

     I realize that while my original intentions have remained; my motivation has grown.

     Three years ago, I left my full time kindergarten teaching job for a part time first grade science and fourth grade math job. I have loved working two days a week. I want to ensure that I will continue to have the ability to teach part time.

     Growing up my family was not able to take many vacations, and I want to be able to travel with my boys and give them first hand experiences I never had.

     This morning we went out to leave for Vacation Bible School, and I had a flat tire. Thankfully my husband was closing tonight, so he had not left for work yet. While I drop Grammie and the boys off at church, Joshua took care of the tire. I wasn't sure if we had a spare for my car, or if we would have the money to fix it until he was paid. (We bought the car used a couple of years ago, which is why I wasn't sure about the spare.) I was immediately stressed and worried. I would love to not stress when these unexpected expenses arise.

     You can visit Sparkling in Second to read about other TpT sellers'  big dreams or to link up and share your own.


  1. Loved your dreams! I can related to all of them! I also work part-time right now! I hope you are able to continue working part-time!

  2. I can relate to ALL of those!! Especially the unexpected expenses!! I don't work part-time, but I'd love to do that at some point in the future!! I hope TpT helps to fulfill all of these dreams for you!! :o)
    Munchkins Inc.



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