Sunday, June 14, 2015

Classroom Rules Pack

     I just added my Classroom Rules Pack to my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Included in the pack are full and half page size rules poster as well as all the rules on one page.

     There are two different rule situation sorts. The first sort requires students to identify if students are following the rules. The second sort has students identify which of the class rules the situation card is describing.

     There is also a classroom rules book for students to make. The older student version includes a fill in the missing word with space to draw and write about the rule. The younger student version includes the rule and space for students to draw the rule.

     Also included is a fill in the blank worksheet that I use as an assessment at the end of the week, plus a contract to send home for students to review the rules with their parent. The contract has space to be signed by the student, parent, and teacher.

     You can purchase my Classroom Rules Pack here. It is on sale until tomorrow night at 8:00.

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