Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Science Vocabulary

     Today we played a little game to review science vocabulary. The students were pumped because it was a game, and then I upped the ante by making it boys versus girls. I wrote the vocabulary words on the board. Then I made a table to record our game data (points). I chose and read definitions at random. If they knew the word, they simply stood up. (I had them seated on the carpet.) The first person to stand got to answer. If they got it right, their team earned a point (tally mark). If wrong, I choose a student of the opposite team to answer. If they both got it wrong, I told them the correct word and no one received the point.

Second Grade

Bonus: We recorded our data (points) in a table and discussed how we can record data and observations in pictures, numbers, and words. This was actually a little preview of Thursday's lesson on recording and sharing data. 

First Grade

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