Monday, January 9, 2012

Part Part Whole Addition & Subtraction

    We started by reviewing addition and subtraction by telling stories for the students to act out. Then we used the part part whole mat I taped off on the floor. We told addition stories by putting girls in one box and boys in the other and then joining them into one group. Then we identified the parts. 

    We used chocolate graham crackers to tell addition stories. We focused on identifying the parts and then bringing them together and identifying the whole. Then students practiced independently by rolling dice for the parts and combing the whole. 

    We also modeled subtraction problems and worked on identifying the whole and then breaking it into parts. After practicing by telling and working subtraction problems together, students worked with their partner to roll a dice to find the whole. Then they took turns pulling some down into one of the "part" boxes. Then they identified the parts.

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