Saturday, January 21, 2012

Numbers 15-20 on Ten Frames

        We've been working on identifying and creating sets using numbers 15-20 on ten frames. I taped off two ten frames on our classroom floor. We started by using flashcards to review numbers 1-15. Then I mixed the cards up and held up a card, the students had to identify it, and work together to represent that number using themselves on our ten frames. They loved being the math "manipulative" and were all so quiet and still because they each wanted a turn. 

    After making about half the numbers using the students as the manipulative. We went back to our tables and I passed out ten frames mats to the students and a different manipulative to each table. Then I held up a number, and the students had to identify it and represent it on their ten frame.

    Then students took turns calling out numbers at their tables and representing that number on the ten frames. After they made the number and counted to check, the caller checked their work as well.


  1. Great ten frames work! I love the idea of doing it with the kids as the manipulatives and then the practice at the tables. (I also love to see that you have a kitchen in the background for dramatic play!)

  2. Thanks! I also have a sand table and block station. They need those stations to develop oral skills. Very thankful I have a principal who understands and appreciate the value of those stations.

  3. What a great idea - a life size 10 frame!




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