Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fair Shares and Part Part Whole with Percy Penguin

    We read Mary Clare Likes to Share and discussed the examples of fair shares and part part whole in the story. Then rolled a die, counted out that many pieces of bubble gum, and then shared them between two students. We identified the parts and the whole and recorded on the whiteboard. Then we identified if it was a fair share or not.

    Then we learned the Percy Penguin sharing song. Students took turns drawing a fish from my "fishbowl" (blue plastic cup). Then students counted out that many fish and put at the top of their penguin mat. Then we sang the Percy Penguin sharing song as students shared the fish crackers between the two penguins. We identified the parts and the whole and if it was a fair share. Then students recorded on their recording sheet.

    Then of course we enjoyed our goldfish snack when our math lesson was over.

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  1. Love penguins! Going to start them next week! I'm your newest follower and also a HUGE Alabama fan even though I'm from Indiana! Ha!

    Growing Up Teaching



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