Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Day of School

     Yesterday was mine and Logan's first day of school! I can't believe my baby is in 4th grade! This sweet boy told me yesterday that he wants to be a preacher when he grows up. Bless his heart!

     I'm blessed this year to have two of the classes I taught last year. There is only one new scholar in each class. They were reminding each other of our procedures, so I didn't have to do very much with procedures at all.

     In English, we read Pirates Go To School by Corinne Demas. We focused on identifying character traits of the pirates. I modeled this for them as we read. Then afterward, they brainstormed character traits of the pirates and defended their answers with evidence from the story. We sorted some pirate and school words by the number of syllables. Then we brainstormed ideas for what if pirates were in our class. These activities can be found in my Pirates Go To School unit.

     In Social Studies, we focused on our class rules. We reviewed each rule and discussed a couple of examples of each. Then I had situation cards that we sorted as the students were following the rules or they weren't following the rules. Finally, they began working on their classroom rules book where they filled in the missing word for each rule, illustrated an example of the rule, and wrote a sentence about their example. These activities are from my Classroom Rules Pack.

     Then I repeated theses activities in the afternoon with my other class. 

     Today was my baby's first day of kindergarten! I'm not sure how we got to this point with this guy either. He's the last one I'll send to kindergarten. It was a hard day for this momma, but an awesome day (his words) for him! Of course, this crazy boy wants to be Batman when he grows up! 

    Our school year is off to great start!

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