Saturday, August 1, 2015

Currently August

I'm linking up with Farley for Currently August.

     I'm watching Grown Ups 2 with my hubby. These movies always make me laugh.

     Today was my older son, Logan's 9th birthday. We played and swam.  We had our special birthday breakfast and chocolate chip cookie cupcakes. He declared it a great day!

     I'm thinking about things back to school all the time. I mean all the time. Like sit up in the middle of night because I randomly thought of something school related all the time.

     I have ten glorious days of summer vacation left, and I'm going to enjoy each and every one of them.

      I need to get my classroom set up. It's the first time in three years I will have a classroom to myself. I can't decided if I'll try to set up my room early or not.

     I'm planning on handing out some random treats to some of my favorite teacher peeps the first week of school. I'm thinking notes, cute supplies, homemade treats, etc.

     Head over to Farley's blog and link up to share your currently.



  1. Wow! I can't imagine being back to school in 10 days...I'm not back until September, and even then, I'm not sure how to get everything done in that

    Enjoy your last 10 days, along with your family!

    1. Thank you! Have a great school year and enjoy the rest of your summer!

  2. Have a great school year. I can't even imagine starting back yet! Enjoy having your classroom all to yourself this year.

  3. I head back to school on Monday!! I hope you enjoy your last few days!!!!! I am also a HUGE Alabama fan! Roll tide:)

    1. Roll Tide!!! Have a great school year!!!

  4. 10 days! I only have 5 left and I probably will have to spend some of them getting my room together!

    1. I should get my room together, but I've decided I'll just deal with it when I get back. Have a great year!



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