Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday & a Freebie

     Original post: January 22, 2012
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    We started our lesson by identifying numbers and using the students as manipulatives on our ten frames I taped off on the floor. Once they organized themselves on the ten frames, we practiced making one/two more/less and identifying the new number. Then students went to the tables where I had put ten frames mats, manipulatives, and a number. They had to represent that number on their ten frames. While they were doing that, I worked with one table making one/two more/less and comparing the numbers with the emphasis on the students using comparative language to describe the relationship between the number they started with and their new number. They rotated through all the tables. I noticed after I worked with each group the students began asking each other to make one/less, two more than their original number. I love when the students mimic what we've worked on together without being asked to!


     I always taped one or two ten frames on the floor using painter's tape and then used the students to build numbers on the frames before I ever passed out ten frame mats and manipulatives. I updated the ten frame mat I used. You can grab it by clicking on the picture below.

     I copied two class sets. I would copy, cut each sheet into two, and then laminate so I had a set of single ten frames. I also would would copy and laminate so I had a set of double ten frames when we worked on numbers 11-20. 

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