Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday

     It's time again for Favorite Pins Friday! Here are a few of my favorite pins from this week.

Hair Styles:

     I love Lucy Hale's hair style. I'm thinking about getting long layers like this.


      How true is this quotable from Weddings are Beautiful?!

Fitness Inspiration:

     I love this quote from Skinny Ms. I'm doing a healthy challenge with some friends right now, and I've been looking at this quote every morning.


     How cute is this outfit from Polyvore?! Especially the top and earrings. :)

Statement of Teal
Statement of Teal by huiwenzheng featuring a collar necklace

     I adore this nail art, especially the crosses. It's from INK361.


     I love how this white board is used and the idea of the no late work club from Fifth in the Middle.

     I will definitely be using this idea from Flap Jack when comparing fractions this year. I'm sure my 4th graders will love the opportunity to play with play doh! 

     I may try out this idea from Melissa Culver with my son this year. After all, boys love to throw things, and it'll make word wall practice more fun. 

     You can pin with me here

     Link up with Cara Carroll from The First Grade Parade to share your favorite pins from this week.

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