Monday, December 19, 2011

Winter Addition and Subtraction

We started our addition and subtraction unit by reading Christmas Angel from Clifford's Puppy Days series. Then I passed around a bag of Christmas decoration and each student took one. Then I told addition and subtraction stories about decorating a Christmas tree. We worked on making two sets and then joining them together or making a whole and separating them.

 Here's a peek at our math journal!

 We read Happy Holidays by Deanna Jump and then used a Gingerbread house mat and gumdrops and peppermints to model addition and subtraction stories. I recorded the number sentences on the white board as we told our stories. I modeled telling the stories and then choose different students to give a story to model and they had to tell me if it was joining (addition) or separating (subtraction).

We also used a Snowman mat and buttons to model addition and subtraction stories. Students did more of the story telling that day and took turns modeling on the elmo the stories as worked them together.

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