Friday, December 23, 2011

Polar Express Day 2011

We went to the science lab and learned about arctic animals and their adaptations with Mrs. Riggins.

We experienced how their fat keeps them protected from the cold. We put our hand in baggie that contained a baggie filled with Crisco. We put the side that wasn't covered by the Crisco on the ice water first and then flipped it to the where the Crisco was between our hand and the ice water to see how their fat keeps them warm.

Then we went to the library. Mrs. Anderson read The Polar Express to us and Mr. Gonzalez showed us the pictures on a PowerPoint.

Next we went to  the reindeer food station. We read the poem, talked about what the word "roam" means. Then we made our baggie of reindeer food. We also read the story Imogene's Antlers. In the classroom, we filled in the word wall words in our poem.

We played Christmas bingo using M&Ms as our markers. The students had fun taking turns being the bingo caller.

When we were finished playing we ate our M&Ms! Yum!

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