Saturday, September 3, 2011

Math and Literacy Fun!!!

This week in math we worked on demonstrating one to one correspondence and writing numbers 0-5. We created sets to count using play dough, color tiles, and cubes.

We used our lap boards to practice writing numbers 1-5 while singing Dr. Jean's The Numeral Song to help us remember the correct strokes for writing our numbers.

This week we also began our Name of the Day activities by "fixing a name" a day. The students have so much fun trying to figure out the mystery student and putting the letters in their in the correct order. Then students are given a page and a strip of letters to cut apart and put in order on the page. Then they illustrate our mystery student and combine them to make a book.

We also have been working on identifying uppercase and lowercase letters with students recognizing the letter name and if it's capital or lowercase. We have also been working on ordering the letters of the alphabet. The students had a lot of fun working in groups to match and order the alphabet.

We've also started our independent reading time. The students choose a book and spread out around the room in a spot of their choice. Right now we are working on quietly looking at the pictures, carefully turning the pages, and pointing to each word on the page, as well as "reading" from top to bottom and left to right.

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