Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dino-Mite Learning

We used dinosaurs to review concepts we learned this year. In science, we reviewed characteristics of reptiles and discussed how dinosaurs are like a system. We discussed the purpose of their parts. We also reviewed life cycles and compared and contrasted herbivores with carnivores. Two science vocab words that have been the science word of the week recently.

In math, we told addition and subtraction stories using dino fruit snacks. We created dino positional patterns. We read How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? and then discussed bedtime routines and acted two out a time and used comparative language to describe the length of time each activity took. We also drew our favorite dinosaur and used different manipulatives to find the length and area of our dinosaurs. Then we compared with our partner. We also made dinosaur glyphs to answer the following questions: Do you like carnivores or herbivores best? Did you like the book Dinosaur Roar! or Dinosaurumpus best? Do you think dinosaurs are creepy or cool? We graphed the answers for the class all together. Then students went to their seats and graphed the answers for their table.

In social studies, we learned about the job of paleontologists. We watched two different Discovery Streaming videos about their job. We also excavated chocolate chips from cookies. We created a concept anchor chart to show what we knew and what we learned.

In language arts, our focus poem was about dinosaurs. We clapped to the rhythm of the poem. We looked for rhyming words, word family words, helpful chunks, and word wall words. We acted out our poem. We did dinosaur word wall words where we stomped like dinos as we chanted the letters and then roared the words.

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