Sunday, August 28, 2016

Classroom Reveal 2016

     My classroom is ready and done for now. I always move things around throughout the year. It may look completely different in a couple of weeks.

     My room is tiny, and we are packed in tight. It does help me stay organized because there is absolutely no room for piles or messes. 

      I keep my decorations to minimum, and only keep up current anchor charts. This helps students focus in on what is important and current. 

     The bulletin boards are new this year. They also hung a bulletin board for each teacher out in the hallway this summer. It has been five years since I had a bulletin board or a guided reading table. I was so happy to walk in my room on the first day back and see these things.

       They also bought me a rug, a teacher's desk, and two rolling shelves. I now have a decent amount of storage for my room.

     I'm thankful for my cozy, little room and all the learning that will take place in it this school year!

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