Sunday, October 4, 2015

Peek at my Week and October Literacy Stations

     This week we are reviewing content and skills for our midterms next week. We will also be reading some of my favorite fall stories.

     You can download the pdf here.

     I just added October Literacy Stations to my store. There are five activities that cover different skills. I will use these activities as part of a mini lesson this week in whole group before adding them to literacy stations. The activities include:

Pumpkin Sentences-types of sentences (statements, questions, commands, exclamations)

Halloween Photo Subjects & Predicates-match sentences with pictures, circle the subject and underline the predicate

Monster Sentence Mash Up-combining subjects and predicates

Apple Singular and Plural Nouns-sort nouns as singular or plural

Monster Nouns-sort nouns as people, places, or things

You purchase it here. It is on sale for $3 until tomorrow night.

Head over to DeeDee's to see more visual plans and link up.

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