Friday, September 6, 2013

Science Safety

      We have started our year in first grade science learning about science safety. We read Science Safety Rules, and then introduced our own science safety rules. We practiced our rules by acting them out. For following directions, we played Mrs. Shaw says, and the students absolutely loved it. I also introduced our safety vocabulary words: safety, goggles, safety gloves, and lab apron.

      Then we read a science safety book I wrote about safety tools and safe practices. Then we drew a picture of ourself wearing safety goggles and a lab apron and holding a science tool. I had introduced a few tools so they could distinguish which tools actually help keep scientists safe from ones that measure or are used to collect information. We also discussed and wrote how goggles protect our eyes and why hand washing is important. We also drew a tool in our hand and wrote about our tool and what it is used for. 

     We also acted out the safety rules and talked about safe practices. Then we sorted situations as being safe or unsafe. Students talked with their partner and gave examples of things in science that were or unsafe. We took a safety quiz where students identified situations as safe or unsafe. 

     These activities are from my Science Learning Fun unit. You can purchase it here.

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