Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Going Buggy!

   We read Step by Step and created repeating patterns in whole and small group. Then we created and labeled our own patterns.

    We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and created positional patterns in whole group and with partners. Then students "pinky" painted and labeled their own positional patterns.

    We used party blowers to experience how a butterfly proboscis uncurls to drink and then curls back when they are finished. We also used straws to sip nectar (sugar water) like butterflies. Then students completed a response sheet about our activity.

    *We read Are You an Ant? and students played an Ants in my Pants addition partner game and recorded addition sentences in their Ants in my Pants book.

    *We used prisms to experience an insect's compound eyes. Then we recorded what insects see and created a chart to compare what we see with what an ant sees.

    We learned about different insects and created bubble maps to record what we have learned.

    *Students played a partner word wall word game.

    We created a vocabulary insect chart for students to use when they were writing. Students choose most of the words for our chart themselves.

    *Student used pattern blocks to create an insect. Then they graphed the pattern blocks they used and wrote about their insects. Then solved and told addition stories using the blocks in their insect creations.

    Students choose an insect to illustrate and write about.


    After learning about ants and bees. We created a double bubble map to compare and contrast them. Students illustrated a bee or ant and labeled the parts of the insect on their drawings.

    We learned about the parts of an insect and created an anchor chart. Then we used snacks to create an insect. Students then illustrated and wrote about their insect. Partner's checked each other's creations to make sure they had all their parts.

   For teachers:
      *Activities are from Deanna Jump's insect unit.
     The rest can be found in my Insect Learning Fun unit.

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