Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nature Center 2011

We took a trip to the GPISD Nature Center. The kids were so excited to ride the bus. They were good listeners while Mrs. Hollis gave us directions.

We used hand lenses to examine objects we found. We illustrated what it looked like in our hand and under the hand lens.

We read Life in a Tree and discussed the life we could see in the tree. Then we measured the trunk of the tree using links and then our hands.

 Then we read There Was An Old Who Swallowed a Fly and acted our the story as we read. Then we used hand lens to examine insects. We illustrated an insect and answered questions about our insect.

We read My 5 Senses and then discussed our five senses and how they help us learn about our world. Then we went on a five senses walk in the garden. We illustrated and wrote the things we observed using each of our five senses.

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