Friday, October 14, 2011

Ordinal Numbers

We practiced lining up according to ordinal positions 1st-10th. Then we talked with our partners about where we hear and use  ordinal numbers. Then we created a circle map about ordinal numbers. This was a circle map the first day. Later, we went back and added the ordinal numbers to our circle map as well as other times we thought of that we use ordinal numbers.

We reviewed good listening skills and as a class voted for the 10 best listeners. Then we handed out ribbons with the ordinal number written for which place they got. The students voted for the Best Listener awards.

We read Ten Trick or Treaters and located the kids according to their ordinal positions in line. Then we used our critical thinking skills to line up our monsters in our books according to the clues given about their ordinal positions.

We read The Berenstein Bears and the Spooky Old Tree. We focused on sequencing their walk through the tree and then their obstacles on the way home using ordinal numbers.

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