Monday, January 17, 2011


Some penguin fun we had this week:

We made a penguin brace map and discussed the parts and their functions of penguins.

We created a penguin tree map to show what we learned about penguins.

We conducted an experiment to see how penguin feathers keep out water and how their blubber keeps out cold. We put Vaseline on our hand and put it in the water. The water bubbled up where the Vaseline was. Then we put one hand in a blubber (Crisco) glove and one straight in the ice water. We experienced how their blubber keeps out the cold.

We read Tacky the Penguin. Then we illustrated a penguin and used cubes to measure how tall our penguin was. Then we made them into a class book.

We made penguin glyphs to collect data about our class. Then we used our glyphs and graphed the results and wrote about our data.

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