Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stomp Out Bullying

Wednesday was national Bullying Awareness day. We talked about bullying and charted what bullying looks and sounds like.

We talked about how there are two kinds of bullying. Bullying on the outside causes physical harm to someone. Bullying on the inside hurts your feelings. We talked about how sometimes inside bullying hurts more than outside bullying. We talked what students should do if they are being bullied. First tell the person Stop! I don't like it! Second, if it keeps happening, report it to an adult. Bullying is someone hurting you over and over. We talked about the difference between tattling and reporting. Then students talked with their partner about who they could report a bully to. Then we decorated footprints. 

We hung our footprints on the school mural in the front hallway.

We also wore blue to stomp out bullying!

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