Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life in a Pond

This week we learned about life in a pond. We worked all week on creating a pond mural. We learned that a pond is wetland habitat that is a complete eco system which means all the animals/plants depend upon each other for survival. We learned about the food chain in the pond and the physical characteristics and natural resources. We learned about producers like plants who use energy from the sun to make their own food and consumers animals that are depedent upon others for their food. In Math, we drew a number word from a bag, read the word, colored our pond, and created a set of fish that matched the number word. We also made lily pad cookie treats on Friday. We learned that frogs can jump up to 10 feet. We measured off ten feet and jumped to find out how many jumps we had to do to jump 10 feet. We also went out to our pond in the garden and made a tree map of living organims and nonliving objects in and around our pond.

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