Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Blog Hoppin Teacher Week 2016

     Last week was Blog Hoppin's teacher week. I look forward to this every year because I love learning about and getting new ideas from other teachers.

Meet Me Monday 

     My relationship with Jesus is the most important thing to me. I am in awe when I think about how He has changed my life. I still have so far to go to be like Him but praise God He's not finished with me yet! 

     My husband and I have known each other thirteen years and been married for ten. We met at the church we attended for the last thirteen years. We switched churches a couple of months ago, and it was just what our family needed for all of us to grow in our relationships with Christ. We have two sons together who are 7 and 10. Our older son is the people pleaser and our younger son is the unpredictable one. They are both sweet boys with big hearts who love to have fun. My step son is 15. He is learning to drive and is in band at the high school he attends. He has an excellent work ethic, and I'm so very proud of him. 

     I teach two classes of 2nd grade ELA and social studies. I usually have 35-38 students total between the two classes. 

     I am a huge Alabama Crimson Tide fan. We got rid of cable and the dvr a couple of years ago, so Saturday's activities revolve around the Tide's game schedule. My dad and his family are from Alabama, so I was raised a Bama fan. Of course I'm raising my boys to be fans too! 

     I love reading, white chocolate mochas, and Sonci Vanilla Cokes when I haven't given up sodas. Ha, ha!

Teaching Tuesday

     One of my very favorite lessons is to introduce adjectives using skittles. Skittles give the students so many different descriptive words to use. And of course we eat our skittles because it helps us think of more adjectives. 

Where I Work Wednesday 

     This is my cozy lil classroom. I teach at a local charter school that use to be a church. Our classrooms are tiny. But we make it work. We learn about cooperation and self control because we are all literally on top of each other all the time. I have become even more organized and very creative with how I use my space. 

Threads Thursday 

     I wear lots of cotton dresses with blingy flip flops when it's warm and tall boots when it's cold. I like to wear a lot of black and bright colors. These days I'm buying all my clothes from The Zig Zag Stripe. It's a local boutique, and she has a website. She is my size. It's nice to have cute, comfortable clothes that do not accentuate my problem areas. And to be able to tell how something will likely fit me once it has arrived on my doorstep is a huge bonus!

Friends Friday 

     I am blessed to have had many teacher friends I have loved working with over the past 12 years. These are two of my recent favorites. We are all at different schools this year, and I miss them so much. I'm so glad we can make time to see each other still. 

     You can hop on over to Blog Hoppin and read more recap posts from the week. 



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